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We Build Movements
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CAP 50

Policy makers are motivated to action by constituents. They are elected to serve their constituents, and they win re-election based on how well constituents believe they have performed.

The movements we build harness the power of constituent advocacy. We harness that power through CAP50, our team of top talent in every state. CAP50 features the best operatives with the freshest relationships and the most in-depth experience on state-of-the-art advocacy campaigns.

CAP50 builds and manages a coalition of leading community voices where it matters. We have the relationships with labor, civic organizations, business leaders, industry groups, local employers and job creators, local and state elected officials, and other key opinion leaders that allow us to assemble the right team of supporters and validators for your effort. And we have the know-how to activate these supporters on-time and on-message when you need Congress to hear from constituents.

RuleMaker Pro
RuleMaker Pro

Federal Rules are proliferating at an exponential rate. In many cases, federal rules have more impact on the bottom line than the initial legislation. Yet the tools to generate high quality, high volume comments on the Federal Register have been scattershot at best.

RuleMaker Pro brings cutting edge targeting and grassroots and grass tops supporter engagement platforms together with the best content generation and delivery tools available today.

By streamlining the process, RuleMaker Pro maximizes your voice with federal rule makers and minimizes your cost.

Advocacy Branding

Building a movement starts with Advocacy Branding. Your brand is who you are, and it is how you will be judged in the court of public opinion. In turn, you and your industry will be regulated based on whether the public believes you share their values.

Yet all too often, major gaps exist between the real value of a brand, and public perceptions of a brand. A disconnect between what you really are and what others think of you represents a serious vulnerability.

Our Advocacy Branding campaigns align your reputation with who you really are. They help consumers and constituents understand you share their values. They create a brand that is respected, and that is far less susceptible to predatory policy making.

We begin this process by developing and testing brand narratives that help determine the most effective way to deliver your message. This includes developing message content, developing credible messengers, understanding the appropriate messaging sequence and frequency, and ensuring delivery to target audiences through channels they already consume.

We constantly test messaging effectiveness, and provide the always-on individual attention you need to ensure adjustments are made promptly and effectively.