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We are specialists in designing, building, and executing movements to shape public opinion and public policy outcomes.

The CAP Public Affairs team has deep experience running and winning tough campaigns in very competitive environments. We know successful advocacy campaigns aren’t boxed up in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, winning efforts require original strategic thinking, excellent tactical execution, and always-on personalized attention from experienced leaders who know how to win.

Unlike mega-firms that charge premium rates and then service clients with junior talent, our approach at CAP Public Affairs is different. We are a small firm with exceptional experience. And we apply that experience in a personalized, hands-on, and focused manner to ensure our clients achieve the results that often elude other firms.

Our partners have fifty years of combined experience winning advocacy, candidate, and issue campaigns across the country. Our experience extends to all fifty states, and to three continents around the globe. We have advised presidents, governors, CEO’s, federal and state agency leadership, companies, trade associations, political parties, and campaigns.

Served as National Political Director at the Republican National Committee in 2010, setting a record for voter contact, turnout in a midterm year, and returned the GOP to a House majority. Served as National Political Director at the Republican Governors Association. Ran 2/3 of target state pickups for Republican Presidential candidates over the 2004 and 2008 presidential cycles.
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