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CAP 50

Policy makers are motivated to action by constituents. They are elected to serve their constituents, and they win re-election based on how well constituents believe they have performed.

The movements we build harness the power of constituent advocacy. We harness that power through CAP50, our team of top talent in every state. CAP50 features the best operatives with the freshest relationships and the most in-depth experience on state-of-the-art advocacy campaigns.

CAP50 builds and manages a coalition of leading community voices where it matters. We have the relationships with labor, civic organizations, business leaders, industry groups, local employers and job creators, local and state elected officials, and other key opinion leaders that allow us to assemble the right team of supporters and validators for your effort. And we have the know-how to activate these supporters on-time and on-message when you need Congress to hear from constituents.